youtube label: L8fdefDIZ8U

Lecture Topic: Acid Base Theories

youtube label: ctyBJ99mu6E

Lecture Topic: pH and pOH

youtube label: T4bWosyUklg

Lecture Topic: Bronsted Lowry Theory and Conjugate Pairs


The video presents a discussion on conjugate acid/base pairs.

youtube label: -dFeoKx4mtE

Lecture Topic: Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation


This video introduces the Henderson Hasselbalch equation

youtube label: -3TfjeUcVSQ

Lecture Topic: Buffers

youtube label: 8PFoSLi15sk

Lecture Topic: Acid Bases Indicators

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Lecture Topic: Acid Base Titrations

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Lecture Topic: Lewis Acid Base Theories


This video gives and introduction to Lewis acid/base theory and illustrates Lewis acid/base theory using metal complexes.

youtube label: 22Dw8_0aUyY

Lecture Topic: Complex Equilibria